Alain Roux, The Waterside Inn, Bray


‘The quality and flavour is always outstanding making Pugh’s piglets a simple choice for us. Crispy crackling is consistently achieved and combines well with the succulent meat that is so delicately flavoured, sweet and subtle.  The texture is delicate and just melts in the mouth.  We like to leave them whole, sometimes traditionally oven roasted but our favourite method is to cook the piglets on the rotisserie.  Served alongside traditional accompaniments such as potatoes and apples but especially cider sauce ..delicious!’

Michael Wignall - Gidleigh Park


‘I have used Pughs piglets for over a decade. They have consistantly provided me with high quality piglets, which have resulted in several signature dishes for me. Thank you Pughs.’

Mark Hix - Hix Restaurants


‘Pugh’s Piglets is the go to farm for suckling Pigs, weather you want it as it is for a whole roast head and all or for a classic Porchetta the NO ONE else does a better pig than Pugh’s Piglets’

Julian Marshall - Bleeding Heart Restaurants


I have been working closely with Pugh’s Piglets for many years now

I have found this Family run business ,helpful , friendly and above all a lovely consistent piglet.

There Suckling Pig is always Tasty, Moist and when roasted a wonderful crisp crackling

I would recommend you try for yourself

Yours Sincerely

Mr Julian Marshall

Massimo Zampini - Puncinella, Cleveleys


‘Pugh’s porchetta is one of the best selling dish on our menu. As a chef it is a pleasure to cook and serve such a high quality product knowing that our customers will have a great experience in their dish. Portion control and zero waste makes the porchetta a profitable product.’