Suckling Pigs

Pugh’s Piglets have been providing suckling pig for over 50 years now throughout the UK. We supply all the top restaurants within London and throughout the UK with all their Suckling Pig needs. Suckling Pig is a very delicate flavour with fantastic crackling produced every time.

Suckling Pig means that the pig is still suckling on it’s mother so the meat is almost marinating in milk, this is what gives our suckling pig the delicate mouth watering taste and the best crackling in the UK.

Here at Pugh’s Piglets we support all our  UK farmers so we are able to produce the highest quality pig  for a very reasonable price, as we say ‘Taste Our Reputation’.

Suckling Pig can be dated back to the 16th Century, where Suckling Pig was displayed at feast to establish a wealthy status in society.  Pugh’s Piglets have made it so the quality hasn’t been compromised, only the price.

You can now purchase a Suckling Pig from Pugh’s Piglets at a very reasonable price knowing that you are still going to be getting a high quality standard of meat.

This selection of meat is also fantastic for BBQ’s, smoke houses, spit roasts or even a fire pit. There are lots of ways to cook this delicious product but with the same delicate succulent taste.

A feast for the eyes but also the taste buds your diners will not forget the taste experience.