Porchetta Medallions

Pugh’s Piglets have been supplying Porchetta Medallions for over 20 years now and have mastered the ingrediants that are infused within the young pig meat, thanks to our creative Italian Chef Giovanni he took his family knowledge and skill to produce the most popular product within our range.
Porchetta is traditionally made with a Pork pig in Italy, but here at Pugh’s Piglets we only deal with young / suckling pig so we have transformed the taste and elegance of the Porchetta and used a young pig instead. The young pig allows you to create the most succulent meat with perfect crackling and the portions are already strung out for you.

So if it is an unforgettable dining experience that your after then Porchetta Medallions need to be on your menu.

Min Order of 2 rolls per delivery