Authentic Italian Sausage

Pugh’s Piglets true Authentic Italian sausage are one of the best in the UK.

All sausages are individually handmade with 100% natural casings, each sausage is individually infused with herbs / spices that are traditionally used in Sicily and Sardinia since 1871, There is NO rusk that goes into our sausage, only top quality young pig meat is used and the freshest herbs / spices.
Young Pig instead of the traditional Pork Pig meat is used, this gives our sausages the distinct quality taste you get from all Pugh’s Piglets products.

All our meat has full trace ability even in our sausages!

We provide two different types of Italian sausage
The Sicilian – This sausage is bursting with a fennel flavor and a meaty texture.
The Sardinian – If your wanting a spicy Sausage then this will hit the spot with Chilli and other ingredients added, this sausage is truly magnificent.

Min order 4 boxes per delivery

Courtesy of Chris Burt (The Peach Tree, Shropshire)
Courtesy of Chris Burt (The Peach Tree, Shropshire)