Tradition at the heart

The founding partners of Pugh’s Piglets have been pig farmers for over 50 years, during their time they have been instrumental in the success of Pugh’s Piglets not only with their knowledge and skill but also with the dedication to the development of Pugh’s Piglets bespoke products.

Pugh’s Piglets is a small family run business with Barry & Gillian Pugh (Partners), Richard (partner) & Bernadette Pugh and a small dedicated team of skilled butchers, chefs & office staff.

Barry Pugh was a pig farmer for many years before founding Pugh’s Piglets, he was even the first farmer to create a lift for his pigs as you can see in the picture.

Barry Pugh

The first 50 years of Pughs Piglets

Over the many years of farming Barry understood what a good specification of a pig was and growing up in the industry Richard learnt all his knowledge about pigs and understood what the customer wanted, this enables Pugh’s Piglets to carry on providing our award-winning products for another 50 years.


All our products at Pugh’s Piglets are processed on a ‘just in time’ basis. This allows the customer to be able to get the freshest quality available in the UK.

Barry & Richard Pugh purchase over 250 pigs a week and personally selects every pig, this ensures that every pig is met to Pugh’s standard and specification. Such dedication to the purchasing of every animal also incorporates full trace ability and excellent welfare within the purchase chain.

Pugh’s Piglets products are guaranteed to be bred & reared within the UK.

We have a fantastic relationship with all our farmers throughout the UK, dealing with a lot for over 30 years now so they know what we are looking for and because we have a regular supply from them then they can concentrate on getting their pigs to Pugh’s standard

Richard (002)

The second 50 years of Pughs Piglets

and not having to worry about selling them in the markets.

Here at Pugh’s we believe that the best flavor comes from the Old Rare breeds such as Middle Whites, Large Whites, Gloucester Old Spot & Tamworth’s to name a few, if it is a certain breed pig you want then please state on ordering please request)

Here at Pugh’s Piglets we endeavor to source locally to YOU! As we work with farmers throughout the UK& our ethos is ‘Quality over quantity’.

Image courtesy of Wean Farm

On purchasing the animal the turnaround for the bespoke items is Three days, this gives our customers confidence that they are getting the freshest quality award-winning product possible.

You can see Pugh’s Piglets products on menu’s throughout the UK such as The Goring, The Ivy, & The Savoy just to name a few, please check out our testimonials page to see what the chefs throughout the UK have to say about Pugh’s Piglets products.